Who are we?
We’re a family of a father, a mother and three daughters.

Why did we create conjugation.com?
It’s pretty simple. We looked for a cool verb conjugation website, but it did not exist. So we decided to create it.

I was reviewing my daughters’ homework. We browsed, looking for a good, fast, and efficient conjugation website. A waste of time. We did not find what we wanted. Nothing satisfactory.
No website we would want to bookmark or refer to on a regular basis.

So I told my daughters:
“Let’s just create the conjugation website we’re looking for. You belong to the Internet generation that has not known the World without the Wide Web, so you help me with the design of the site. I’ll sort out the technical issues and build a site that is very easy and friendly to use.”

Easier said than done.

How did we build conjugation.com?
We certainly underestimated the complexity of building from scratch a “conjugation engine,” rule databases, and other technical and linguistic tools. Luckily enough we were able to involve the right engineers and programmers with a unique combination of cutting-edge technical skills and extensive linguistic expertise.

We have built an approachable and usable conjugation engine, have published it online … and here it is, freely accessible. You can use it as many times as you want!

Please return soon. We welcome your contributions.

How does conjugation.com work?

Just type the verb that you want to conjugate in any form. Any verb, regular or irregular. Click on “Conjugate.” A new page is instantaneously displayed, with the verb shown in all of its forms, voices and tenses.

As of now, our conjugation engine works only for English (15 000 conjugated verbs), Spanish verbs (9125 verbs), and Portuguese verbs (12 000 verbs). Soon you will be able to conjugate verbs in other languages as well.

The conjugation engine and the website www.conjugation.com are the exclusive property of Best Practice and cannot be reproduced, communicated to a third party whatsoever, or reused in any form without the explicit and prior approval of Best Practice.

The development of the website has been outsourced to the Web Development Department of NI TEKNA - Intelligent Technologies.

For English verbs, we have included several definitions and examples from WordNet (WordNet 3.0, Copyright 2006 by Princeton University), which we have modified in many cases.

This “service” is provided “as is,” and Best Practice makes no representations or warranties, express or implied. The term “service” abovementioned includes the website www.conjugation.com, the databases, the software, all the result pages displayed, the licensed software, and the documentation.
By way of example, but not limitation, Best Practice makes no representations or warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose or that the use of the “service” will not infringe upon any third party patents, copyrights, trademarks, or other rights.

About Best Practice

Best Practice conceives, develops and publishes selected websites in areas that are currently underserved and where the general public cannot find the right content and services. We research, build databases, develop technology, write content, and create services which we find useful & contributive to everyone. Started as a hobby, we have already published the following sites:

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