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khalid adam
i need help from your site, i am working educate the needy and poor students especially women and girl in balochistan it is very backward area in pakistan
I like this program and it is really good for people who doesn't know English .
Mrs Vesna Maksimovic
Hello! I've just found your site and cannot believe it is something I have been trying all day.... Best regards from Serbia
Leonard Tshishiku
I am impressed by the nice interesting work on your pages, what are the conditions for using the facility. Is there a special option for passive voice which does not appear? Thanking you sincerely, Leonard Tshishiku
hiii gooood job this siteweb is so important for me because i'm learning english conjugation now and because of you i can learn a lots of verbs and understand it i have a idee,,,,,you can put the verbs with a voice you know for we can learn the verb and listen to it for more comprehension and sorry for my bad english lool thnx sooo much
nice to know about this web because it affects to my job.
carlos sigua
i think that webpage is all good
Hello, Kaly from is here. It gives me a pleasure to say that we have featured your website/program on Conjugation: English Conjugation Dictionary Online Not only we publshed that on the website, it will be also recommended to all new MakeUseOf newsletter subscribers in the future, We have over 180.000 active subscribers at the moment. Please check out our review and feel free to comment on it in case we missed something. We would appreciate if you give it a boost by 'Digging', 'Stumbling' or sharing the post with your Twitter followers or Facebook friends using the buttons at the bottom of the article. If you want to let your site visitors know about the review or add it to your press page, please use the html below. Best regards, Kaly (the editor and co-founder)
its nice to have this kind of website especially for me,,im one of the seeker of this website,,great! coz i found it ....hope you can send me some tips in english...
eduardo Henao Hoyos
Dear gentlemen: I hope this letter, al least draw a smild in your face. For my work I have to tern to read english and I can say that I have a vocabulary very acceptable; but I don´t know grammar and I don´t know the conjugation of the vervbs. ¿ would you be so kind and advice me, so I be able of learn to write and understand english? If I hear a t. v. news I don´t understand a word, but if I read a paper book,how could be Perry Mason, Agatha Cristhie I understand a lot. How I am a very silly and dumb man because I sure than I can read english Would you be so kind and advise me a page in internet with ladder books so I can read and hear english, first, 1000 words, after 2000 words and so on. I am a retired colombian lawyer. I live in Manizales a wonderful city, very quiet, very clean an very much other things. Thank for your time. I write this "letter" without the help of a dictionary Truly yours Eduardo Henao Hoyos
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